Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.   Where exactly are you located?
A.   Currently we have an office in Bulawayo.
From the Bulawayo City hall, which is near the Bulawayo Central Police station you can easily find us as per the following Diagram/map..

Q.   I am facing difficulties writing my research project, I need assistance, what exactly do you do?
A. At ZIMWIDE RESEARCH CONSULTANCY we offer consultancy services in practical research, but it depends on exactly what stage you are at on your research.

Q.   I do not have a topic at all, can you help me find a topic please?
A.   Yes we can help you formulate a topic, from what the literature says a Good topic should be focused, clear and nun-clumsy.
Choosing the right topic is crucial. The topic you choose will be with you for a while, maybe even for life!
Create It; Don’t Find It
Well, your topic is not going to come to you in the wilderness or in the library. It’s too easy to get lost in those places. Think of creating, rather than finding, a topic. You may want to begin with research interests you’ve already begun … in your job, in your graduate course work, your master’s course work or with other research projects or assignments you’ve been involved in.

What are the minimum qualifications of your consultants?
We hire only professional tutors with at least a Masters Level or PHD level education.

Q.   I am an undergraduate student doing a B Com Marketing, please just get me a topic
A. The truth is in research, particularly in instances where a student or researcher has the leeway to select a topic of their choice, it is best to create or chose a topic from an area that comes from your heart. What I mean is that one should ideally create or chose a topic from an area that you found exciting and interesting hence a researcher should participate in the selection of an area for which they are going to carry out a research. Please come over so that we brainstorm from a general area of interest to you until we zero onto a particular topic that is focused, clear and non-clumsy.

Q.   I already have a topic but I do not know where to start, can you assist me please?
A.   Yes we can assist you, come over please so that we assist you.

Q.   Where then do you start if I have my own topic, why do you waste time by looking at my topic, let’s just look at the background.
A.   Even if you are through with your research and you are doing your chapter five which is your conclusion and you request for our assistance, we will always start from the topic, because it is important that we understand your area of study before we can proffer any professional help.

Q.   I am on chapter two of my research, but find it difficult to proceed,  please can you help me do my chapter 2 only?
A.   We can of course but could you please send us your chapter one or if you have your hard copy please bring it so that we read and understand it, before we can assist you with your chapter two.

Q.   Why do you need my chapter one when you are going to assist me with my chapter two only?
A.  The truth is a dissertation is a long essay, that spans over several chapters. It is important that the dissertation flows logically  from one chapter to another and from one section to another, so just assisting you do chapter two without first reading through you chapter one would not only be unrealistic but downright wrong. Besides, we need to know your objectives and scope of study which are in chapter 1 before I can make any meaningful contribution to it. Secondly, from experience most research objectives or questions will have been badly formulated from chapter 1 and this is why most researchers fail to write their chapter 2. It would be bad advice if I were to just assist you in the writing of your chapter two without first looking at your chapter one.

Q.   I need you to assist me construct my questionnaire please so is it true to say I do not need to show you my chapter one and two?
A.   Maybe, but as I said a good research should flow from one chapter to the next, and while I can assist you construct your questionnaire, you would benefit more by letting me read though your first two chapters. Besides your objectives may not be smart so it would be inappropriate to just rush over to do a questionnaire first, your research may end up lacking validity.

Q.   I am coming now please for consultation, are you there in your office right now?
A.   Please wait, first things first, we run a strict appointment register for our clients, you need to book first before you come for consultation, can we arrange an appointment when would you like to come?

Q.   How long is the first tutorial?
A.   The first lasts for some two hours.

Q.   Please just photocopy your notes and give me the notes you have on research?
A.   Good question; the truth is the approach we use is pedagogical, “a student’s mind is not like banking model which treats the student as an empty vessel to be filled with knowledge, like a piggybank….ideally the leaner is a co-creator of knowledge” (Paulo Freire, 1970)  my friend just giving you my notes will not help you much, come lets brainstorm.

Q.   Do you also offer typing services?
A.   Yes we do and we charge a minimal fee for our typing services

Q.   Confidentiality, my fear is you are going to inform my Supervisor about what you did for me?
A.   You need not fear as we have a strict confidentiality clause in our contract with our clients.

Q.   My supervisor says my topic should not be changed, why then do you want us to discuss my topic?
A.   We respect the supervisor’s views on topic selection although it is important that we brainstorm and understand the scope and focus of our research.

Q.  My Supervisor says I should modify the topic that I gave him, is that right?
A. We must respect the Supervisor’s inputs into our research, although it would be a good idea to politely tell the Supervisor your own story, but at the end of the day the Supervisor’s word rules the roost.

Q.   We want to come as a group can you provide group tutorials?
A. Group tutorials are possible especially where the clients are doing the same programme and particularly where they would want assistance on the Research proposal, i.e. topic selection, problem statement, background and objective formulation.

Q.   My target population is 500 000 units and my Supervisor is saying my sample size of 90 is unrealistic, what do I do?
A.   It would wrong if I were to just give you one blanket answer for your question, the best would be for us to first look at your scope of your study so that we find a suitable solution to your problem..

Q.  How does your emergency tutorial service work?
A.   We can assist clients who come in and request 100% attention over a relatively short period of time say, a week although the charges are relatively more expensive

Q.  What is your pricing policy?
A.   We’ve developed a flexible pricing policy. The cost of our services depends on the deadline for your project. Some clients have come to us to say please help me complete my project in one and half weeks while others come when there is time and their deadlines are not very tight, this  then means the clients who wants me to give them 100% attention over a two weeks period naturally pays a little more.

Q.   How do I start I have a proposal?
A.  The process of consultancy starts with clients sending their proposal in soft copy format or hard copy. Please do not forget to include your research topic when you send the proposal, we have had several instances when clients send research projects without adding the respective topics.

Q.   How about the payments?
A.   We can supply you with our bank number or eco cash account although the Eco-Cash option is slightly more expensive as the clients should also include their bank charges.

Q.   What if the instructions need to be changed/updated urgently?
A.   If you need any necessary adjustments urgently, you can contact us via chat, email or simply give us a call. Our support team is available 24/7. We have an admin panel which enables us to make necessary changes and update the writer regarding the changes.

Q.  What discounts are available?
A.   We value our clients most of all, discounts may be available on later chapters, or if one refers other students to us.

Q.   Do you charge for title and reference pages?
A.   Yes we charge for the time spent on a client’s project.

Q.   How can I leave a feedback?
A.   You can leave a feedback through email, phone or face to face discussions.

Q.   How do you charge?
A.   We normally charge per chapter, but some clients have requested us to charge per session which request we have acceded to although we believe it is more expensive for our client.

Q.   I am doing a case study type of research and the hospital where I will be attached to require a research proposal and a letter of request, can you help me do these?
A.    No problems that is our speciality actually, although you also need a cover letter from your University or college